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2020 DADs Casino Party Changes

Good News and Bad News

Good News

We have New equipment, New Location Owners for Orange County And San Diego. Welcome Brandy and Andrew to the DADs Casino Party and Mobile Escape Room team.

We have our New hybrid Murder Mystery at the casino break in game. Our Robbery at the casino party is the most popular escape room add on for the last two years.

Bad News

Unfortunately we are forced to raise our prices 40%

in 2020 because of the New AB5 Law. They are forcing us to hire Dealers that work only 3-4 hours a week. The cost of supplying dealers that deal a max of 4-20 hours a month went up 40 percent. We must pay more workers comp, payroll taxes, social security and more.

We paid our staff on average an $21hr plus Tip.

We are at $21 hr plus 40 percent for the

same 4 hours.

Plus we had to Hire a HR service

We had to scale down 2020 because many Dealers did not want to become employees and lose the freedom of choosing their schedule.

We will sell out faster in 2020 because we are doing fewer events due to fewer dealers. If you are planning an event. Please book sooner than later.

We are sold out for most of January 2020 already. Book your 2020 event now.

Any add-ons or future events will be at our new prices.

We have separated from our San Diego & Orange County owners from 2017-2019 they no longer have the rights to use the name DADs Casino Party or DADs Poker Night. They don't have the right to use or sell your information for any reason.

Our Privacy Policy Re-stated

At DADs Casino Party your privacy is important to us. This privacy notices describe the types of information we collect about you, how we use it, and with whom we share it. We Don't Share or Sell your information to any third parties. DADs casino party will keep all records of all events. We destroy all credit card info after your events completion. We don't store any Credit Card info Online or on a computer. We will Email you updates. Please unsubscribe if these emails are unwanted. We securely store your Home Address, Email, Name and Phone number. Protected by Firewalls and Anti-virus software.

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