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Thank U 4 Using Us 4 your events!!

15 years of planning your events Our casino tables with dealers are Affordable & Quality. We post our prices so you get the information you need fast. We post our pictures of recent events. We have larger tables for 9-10 players with cup holders, vinyl padded rails and wood chip runners. We include Chairs!! We have multiple crews so if something happens, we have a great chance of still completing your event with success. We are fully insured! We include comedy club passes for everyone at your event. We make and invented our own LED light up casino tables that use battery power. NO cords to tape down. Escape rooms are the latest party trend and we have the first mobile escape party rooms. We

Dedicated to your party or events success!

Hello, I am Daniel, I booked your event over the phone or helped you online. I wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of your parties and special events. I started this company when I was 25 after my first child was born. I understood after looking at her for the first time, that I could not fail her. From that moment on, she drove me to make a better life for her and my family. For 10 years I was planning your events, delivering, and dealing at them. I personally made sure each of your events were a success. I depend on the success of your events as much as you and put my heart in to each one. On Friday the December 13th, 2013 someone hit me head on, after they fell asleep at the whee


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