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Casino calls police on man with chips from another establishment

Casino calls police on man with chips from another establishment. A Popular Casino had to call the police, on a man that tried to cash in his playing chips. The man tried to claim his $5, 482 that he had won over the weekend. The Casino Cashier told the man that she would be unable to give him the cash because the playing chips were from another establishment, and not their chips. The man became irate as he didn’t understand why the return value couldn’t be delivered. Police and Security were called and the man was escorted out of the building. A police man noticed the poker chips were from DADS, and he knew who they belonged to. The kicker? The man did indeed win that amount of money ove

Mobile Escapes Rooms are the newest game for your Party or Event

We are the First Company in America that can turn any room into a escape room All players agree not share the secrets they discover. You agree not to disclose,use, share, sell or develop any products based off of any information about the escape games inner workings, mechanisms, locks, puzzles, clues about our custom made mobile escape room games & features. Please don't tell people what you see. The answers could get to other players and that would ruin the game for the rest. Please get excited and talk about how fun, but sadly no details about the games inner workings. We Bring the Escape rooms to you!! Team Building, Company events, Birthday parties and more. We Bring the Party to your lo


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