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We Turn any space into a escape room 


Robbery at the Casino Party

Perfect with a casino night party. Bring your friends together to Rob the Casino Night, 

Anyone at your event can time try to rob the casino party .


Use a variety of physical puzzles and clues to try and

Rob the Casino owners Vault that we set up at your event.

You need to break in to the casino party safe in time to succeed 

The winners get to use the extra chips from the safe to play at the casino party games. 

The fasted time from all the groups that play wins prizes. 

We just need a 10*10 ft area

We can set up inside or outside. 

We supply everything your need to have a game at your event.

All Games come with 4 hours with game attendant.

  • Robbery At The Casino Themes  include:     

  • Leaderboard in real time

  • 5-500 players at once 

  • 10*10 ft area needed for inside event ( wall partitions or room separators  included if needed)

  • 4 hours of game time with Attendant 

  • Delivery, Set up & break down

  • Robbery at the Casino Party game was invented and owned by DADs Casino Night & Mobile Escape.  
    Copyright DADs Casino Party  2018 -2023

Games to make your next company party help bond your staff and co workers. They must work together or play alone to solve clues, puzzles and finish in time.

Team Building 
Head To Head, Individual & Group Challenges 
Robbery At The Casino Party

Total $995.00 Deposit 25%

Basic free delivery included

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