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SEE new Covid-19 Terms

Due to Covid-19 outbreak you as the host takes full responsibility for the safety of all staff. If any of your staff gets sick or infected at your event. You the host is 100% responsible for all medical bills, lost wages and compensation to the staff member up to $1,000,000 for each occurrence. Host will make available masks and hand washing stations. We want to throw your casino events safely. If we are risking our lives to entertain you at your events we need to be sure you are 100% aware of the consequences. ALL deposits are NON-Refundable but transferable for up to two years. We will not play with the safety of our staff. You agree to these terms if you choose to book with us during the

Casino Parties are Back In July

We are excited to announce that casino parties are back in July 2020. When they allow gatherings, we can open back up. Please postpone or book any open spot online ASAP. We have 300 clients that want to postpone. Please hold your date sooner than later. While you wait you can try out our new amazing Game show Style. Trivia@Home. www.HelpUsEscape.Com Live Streaming to Six Devices on Zoom Live Inventory up to 24 players Connected at once. Live Stream Escape Room Games. Our Most Popular Escape Game Robbery at the Casino We have a new game system with 360 photos, object photos, clues to view while on a video call with friends and family. We have designed all our new games to be played on any Ph


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