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We bring the Puzzle club party to your party or event!

Only $995.00

Bouchard's Treasure

California's Only Pirate. Treasure was found of the west coast in the Dana Point Caves. It is believed to  the Lost Treasure from the Raid of the Mission in 1818. Can you solve all the clues to open this historic treasure chest! We bring this mystery chest to your location plus a recreation of the puzzle and clues that lead up to it being found. Based off true Events!

Bouchard Portrait for the Game, Last pirate in California
  • Bouchard's Treasure Includes:  

  • Leaderboard in real time

  • 4 hours of service with game attendant 

  • Delivery, Set up & break down included 

  • 5-500 Guests can play at once

  • Players view physical clues during the event.

  • Players solve clues using their phones to open and answer all the puzzles. 

  • We bring the Puzzle game area and props to your event.

  • We can set it up inside or Outside for an extra $100

  • we just need a 10 x 10 ft area.  

During the event:

All Games come with 3-4 hours with game attendant.

Average player completes up 2 hours. 

Games to make your next company party help bond your Friends, Family, staff and co workers. They must work together to solve clues, puzzles and finish in time.

Bouchard's Treasure
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