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About DADs Casino Party


We started D.A.Ds Poker Night in 2004 entertaining one table events and quickly grew to a full casino party rental service with over 100 casino tables. We believe that you can have an affordable quality Casino Night Party without breaking the bank. We have fair prices all year around and don't exploit budgets during December events. We have quality tables and staff with fun twists to set us apart.


We were the first casino company to post our prices online in 2004 to create a more transparent industry.


We include chairs. 

We created the 9-10 player blackjack table in 2004.


We invented Our LED Light up tables with battery power 10 years ago.


In Jan of 2018 we were the first to create our New Robbery at the casino Escape room game. DADs Staff is always looking for ways to make your next casino party amazing.

Locally Owned and Operated in Southern California.


We have amazing Ladies and Men that have dealt with us for years, they have earned the right to be a DADs Casino Party Partner. When I was hit Head on by a sleeping driver, on 12-13-13. I was never able to work delivery and deal again.   I never wanted to let others subcontract my events so I asked my best drivers and staff if they want to transition to owners in their area. Together we have created a large network of Owners who care about your events success just as much as an owner would. I am still here everyday answering phone calls 8am -8pm making sure your have a point of contact that can help you with your casino  events details when you need it.  

Before DADs Casino party, I worked for the Mandalay Bay as the Special Event marketing manager & Emcee throwing $100,000 tournaments, special events and more. I transitioned in to the poker room as a Pit boss and Poker Dealer. I was the first tournament director for the WSOPs Foundations first Celebrity Charity Event in California in 2010.

Our Tables have been featured movies, TV shows and commercials. Check out the three commercials we did for Ultimate Bet, Football, Baseball and Hockey.  We also were called to work on Parenthood, Masters of Sex, Wild Card and one movie currently filming.

Since 2004 we have successfully serviced almost 7,000 events in California 


Here is a few of the larger clients that we have thrown successful casino events.

Boston Scientific,  Home Depot,  Collectors Universe,  Riot  Games, St. Jude, Local Fire Departments, Local Police, CHP Sea World  and many more.   


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