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Casino calls police on man with chips from another establishment

Casino calls police on man with chips from another establishment.

A Popular Casino had to call the police, on a man that tried to cash in his playing chips. The man tried to claim his $5, 482 that he had won over the weekend. The Casino Cashier told the man that she would be unable to give him the cash because the playing chips were from another establishment, and not their chips. The man became irate as he didn’t understand why the return value couldn’t be delivered. Police and Security were called and the man was escorted out of the building. A police man noticed the poker chips were from DADS, and he knew who they belonged to.

The kicker? The man did indeed win that amount of money over the weekend. However, the man didn’t mention that the playing chips came from the establishment DADS Casino Party Rental & Mobile Escape Rooms. So when the man won the 5,482, he won on a non-cash table set up for birthday parties and events. He then stole the chips from DADS event, and tried to cash them in at an actual Casino. This only shows that some people should never gamble with real money.

DADS Casino Party was thankful that they got their playing chips back. The owner laughed as the police officer explained how he came into possession of the chips. The owner was just grateful he had done so many Casino Night for the Police and Sheriff Departments. The owner of DADS said, I’m happy the man didn’t try our escape room, the Casino would probably have had a sad attempt of Oceans Eleven. (AD)

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