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Mobile Escapes Rooms are the newest game for your Party or Event

We are the First Company in America that can turn any room into a escape room

All players agree not share the secrets they discover. You agree not to disclose,use, share, sell or develop any products based off of any information about the escape games inner workings, mechanisms, locks, puzzles, clues about our custom made mobile escape room games & features.

Please don't tell people what you see. The answers could get to other players and that would ruin the game for the rest.

Please get excited and talk about how fun, but sadly no details about the games inner workings.

We Bring the Escape rooms to you!! Team Building, Company events, Birthday parties and more. We Bring the Party to your location.

Many Escape Games available for any event.

Play Head to Head, Individual or in Groups. Custom escape party rooms for your next event.

Mobile Escape Rooms for any party or event.

Call Now 866-502-6638 to book your next mobile escape room

Haunted Casino game

Robbery at the Casino game

Murder At the Casino

Bring your friends together to Escape the Casino, Play as A crime family blackmails you and your group in to robbing the casino party . Use a variety of puzzles and clues to try and rob the Casino to pay the mob its money in time before you are too late.

During the event:

All Games come with 3-4 hours with game attendant.

32-64 people can play with One escape game

64-128 people can play with Two escape games

96-190 people can play with Three escape games

Team Building

Team Building Challenge

This is great addition to any company team building, teen birthday, school event or college party. We travel to your home, school or event venue. We made each of these games for these age groups but can be played by any group.

Head To Head, Individual & Group Challenge

Custom Escape Party Rooms

Personalize your next party with a customized escape party game. We talk about your needs and work on a custom escape theme for your event.

Games to make your next company party help bond your staff and co workers. They must work together to solve clues, puzzles and finish in time.

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