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Robbery At the Casino Game is Now Here.

Everything in an escape room, all on one DADs Casino Party table.

We are adding a new Escape the Casino Party table theme this year. Bring your friends together to “Escape the Casino”, as Head of the crime Family or as an FBI team. Use a variety of puzzles and clues to try and rob the Casino, or solve the heist as FBI agents. Play head to head or in groups of eight. Add this new game to your next Casino Party and see how much fun an escape room theme and game can be at your next Casino Party or event.

Do you Love escape games and want one at your next casino event?

We can bring an Escape Theme to your house or event with these NEW custom made escape Casino Party table games. We can turn any casino event in to a escape room theme.

Your party planner will talk with you and put together the casino escape game that will work best for your event. We understand that all events are different, we can customize your escape room or game to any party. Book two or three casino escape tables and have groups play head to head to see who solves it first.

We have made many mobile escape room scenarios that can work for any party or Casino event. Our custom made Escape the Casino Party tables will have automatic puzzles and game attendants. The clues will lead you on your mission to rob the Casino or solve the Casino heist.

Story line Pick a Side

D.A.D s Casino is owned by the De May Family, a highly suspected crime family. They have been feuding with the Mongiello Family for almost 180 years. The feud has followed the family from Italy to America. The latest planned heist against the De May’s Family is set and you need to pull it off or you wont make it out.


The FBI agents are investigating the casino heist, and they have their suspects. Search the casino owners private game room that was robbed. You must piece together the clues from the crime scene before time runs out. Find proof and collect your evidence before they Escape the Casino.



PLAY AS the Crime Family?

This is our great for Team Building, Holiday events & House parties. Ages 13+

We understand that all events are different, and we can customize you game to the age group of the guests at the event. Get more than one casino escape table and play both games and once and compete with another team head to head. Book now or call 951-479-3917 to talk to a planner about this theme.

Total cost $400.00 Deposit $100.00 Balance due at set up $300.00

  • 4 Hours of Service with Game Master/Dealer

  • Escape Casino Game Table

  • Play Blackjack or Poker for up 9 players after all your guest have played the Robbery at the casino game.

  • Color Led Lights with remote

  • Chair and Cup holders for each player

  • Free Flappers Comedy club passes for each player

  • Choice one scenario from the FBI or Crime Family Mongiello

  • 2-8 Players per 30-60 mins per table

  • You pick 3 or more Puzzles for each game.

  • You Pick 30 mins per game, 40 mins per game or 60 min games

  • 10 * 10 ft tent included for outside events

  • Prefer a Private room or area if inside.

  • Clock included

  • Up to 60 players in 4 hours with 30 min games

  • Delivery and set up 45 miles included from closest office

  • Add $50 for event venues and clubhouses

  • Set up included for a home or house.

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