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Dedicated to your party or events success!

Hello, I am Daniel,

I booked your event over the phone or helped you online.

I wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of your parties and special events.

I started this company when I was 25 after my first child was born. I understood after looking at her for the first time, that I could not fail her. From that moment on, she drove me to make a better life for her and my family. For 10 years I was planning your events, delivering, and dealing at them. I personally made sure each of your events were a success. I depend on the success of your events as much as you and put my heart in to each one.

On Friday the December 13th, 2013 someone hit me head on, after they fell asleep at the wheel. I was permanently disabled in that accident. I still coordinated 5 parties that night from bed. The only thing that was missing from one event that night, was the photo station that was destroyed in the accident. I did everything I could to make the events a success, even at the worst point in my life.

I am telling you this because I had to trust my current staff and dealers to take over for me. I offered some of them partial franchises to take over the area they are located in. It has been almost 5 years since the accident and now we have 5 Franchisees and multiple families that survive and strive to make your events a success. Your event’s success, is our success in life.

I am still here in the office answering your phone calls, texts, social media. We also added this new website with great new services. I am dedicated to throwing memorable parties and events.

Your events have been giving us the opportunity to provide for our families. I am thankful every day for your events and as a thank you I am going to add a special prize for you or your guests at your next event.

Thank you for using us and letting us show you what we can do for you.

Daniel A. De Maio or D.A.D’s Poker Night Casino Party & Escape Rooms

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