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Escape the Casino Party is a Success

We created a new line of amazing Mobile Escape & Break in themed games. They are a perfect addition to you next party or event. We have Kidnapping at the Casino, Robbery at the Casino, Magic Lair, In School Challenge & the Ultimate Date.

Casino party rentals in California have a great new fun twist.

Murder at the casino is a great new Murder Mystery game. We have custom devices and puzzles around the party for your guests. Starts at $495.000

Your boss was kidnapped at the casino. Can you save you boss in time? Try this new game for $495.00 up to 65 players

Who wants to try and rob the casino party? Can you solve it in time? $495.00 up to 65 players

Custom Escape games available starting at $995.00

Call or Chat with a party planner online now. or 951-479-3917

Casino Rentals & Mobile Escape Party Rooms

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