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Five things overlooked when booking a Casino Party Rental

1) Know the amount of players per casino game table:

Some Blackjack Tables STAND 6-7 players playing at once with No Chairs Or Cup Holders

DADs Deluxe Gaming tables can seat 9-10 are a larger can alternate between blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold'em and every card game in the casino.

Three Six player tables seat 18 players at once.

Three Nine player tables seat 27 Players at once

Why pay more FOR less? Know the amount of players per casino game.

Full Size Crap Table is not a thing!! The floor manager of each casino gets to choose the size of the craps table for their Casino Pit. 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft Craps tables exist. Each crap table size has its pros and cons. Know the amount of players per casino game. Crap tables that have large crowds gathered around as bets are placed, and anticipation rises. This energy and excitement is exactly the reason friends and family come together at casino night Parties. However, in the casinos, there is also $100,000 on just the crap table that needs 3 dealers, Stick man and security. Casino Events that don’t play for actual cash, won’t need 3 or 4 crap dealers watching each other. Most of us also don’t have a 20 x 20 ft area totally clear in our house, to put a craps table so large.

In turn, your party shouldn’t incur these higher priced craps tables with many dealers for 16-18 players at once.

DADs uses 8ft Single dealer Crap tables for 10-12 players at once. Our professional Dealers knows a technique called cornering. This taught to all Pro Dealers to keep track of the players bets effectively.

Two of DADs 8ft Crap tables stand 22-24 players at once and Other services have a similar cost for One 10ft or 12ft Crap table with 2-3 dealers and only 16-18 players at once.

2)How long did it take for you to get a hold of the casino company?

We hear it all the time. Why wait for other companies to get back to you with a quote? If you need to talk with someone about your event, will they be there or get back to you quickly?

DADs has a full time staff in the office, online and during events. Our Dispatch is waiting and ready for your calls to update you if needed.

3)Entertainment Time!!-

Its never easy to tell people that they must stop having fun at a party. Some event companies charge a small price for 2-3 hours for gaming. In hopes that the client will shell out the exorbitant overage fees, instead of giving you the most for your money, right off the bat. DADs gives you a solid four hours of gaming entertainment for your guests to have as much fun as possible. They won’t even charge for extra time unless you are absolutely sure you want it after your guest are begging us to stay. It costs the same to bring the casino games, set them up, Play time, Take them down and Store them.

4) Extra Creature comforts-

Its in the smaller details that we can realize, “The Differences from DADs to another casino party service”.

Some Casino event services don't provide Chairs, Cup Holders, Padded rails, Custom Funny Money or a traditional dealer attire.

DADs includes with each and every event-Chips, CHAIRS, Cup Holders, Raffle Tickets, Marine vinyl padded rails, Padded felt, comedy club passes, professional traditional dealers in uniforms, early delivery and set-up, custom funny money maker, and guides for your guest.

5) Footprint of area needed for casino tables-

With casino tables coming in extra petite to double extra large sizes, getting the exact measurements sometimes doesn’t go as planned. Don’t forget the different chairs or stools that go with certain tables, and enough room for guest to walk around comfortably. It would just be easy to know that all your casino tables From DADs fit in a 10x10ft area, and all the same chairs go with the tables. This is where you guests comfort comes first and foremost.

Not All Casino Party rental services are the same. When you are price checking make sure you get all the facts so you end up with the most for your money. It is never Apples for Apples when the other services are using Lemons.

Affordable Prices, Quality Casino Games, Professional Dealers, Innovative extras & Amazing Customer service.

DADs is the casino company coming to you, without breaking the bank. Bet On DADs for your Casino Party

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