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Thank U 4 Using Us 4 your events 2019!!

16 years of planning your Parties & Events

DADs casino Night party in CA

Our casino tables with dealers are Affordable & Quality. We post our prices so you get the information you need fast. We post our pictures of recent events. We have larger tables for 9-10 players with cup holders, vinyl padded rails and wood chip runners. We include Chairs!!

We have multiple crews so if something happens, we have a great chance of still completing your event with success.

Casino Night In California 2019

We are fully insured!

We include comedy club passes for everyone at your event. We make and invented our own LED light up casino tables that use battery power. NO cords to tape down.

Escape rooms are the latest party trend and we have the first mobile escape party rooms. We can turn any room in to an escape room. We have a invested and supplied the most current themes and party add on to your events.

Casino party rentals in California 2019

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Dont Gamble with your casino party company. Bet on DADs Party for your next event!

Escape Room Parties & Casino Nights are a perfect combo for your next event or Party rental in CA.

DADs Casino Night Party Rentals & Mobile Escape Rooms launched their new mobile escape rooms in early 2018. It has been a over whelming success and we are expanding our games in 2019.

Escape rooms are traditionally held at venues that offer themed rooms for players to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to unlock and escape from the room.

Now, for the first time in the U.S., a company is providing mobile escape room parties, allowing their clients to turn any room into a fun adventure for their guests.

“Whether its a party, event or even for team building, we can take any space and turn it into an escape room,” says Daniel A. De Maio, CEO of DADs Casino Party Rentals & Mobile Escape Rooms. “We offer a few themed options for those looking for suggestions but are able to fully customize an event that our client creates as well.”

Playing off the companys long-time casino party rentals, one of the mobile escape room themes focuses around escaping a casino. Players, blackmailed by a crime family, must rob a casino to escape. Using puzzles and clues to try to rob the casino, players must pay the mob the money before its too late. Another theme is full of magic. In the Haunted Casino escape room, players must decode spells and protect each other against a possessed collection of supernatural objects.

These mobile escape rooms are also a great addition for team building at companies or even for schools. The escape rooms are fully customizable for age range and audience. They offer players a chance to work together to solve clues and puzzles and challenge themselves mentally.

DADs Casino Party & Mobile Escape Rooms has significant experience will planning events, having spent the last 15 years planning casino parties for their clients. Casino nights are great for events, parties and fundraisers. The company offers a range of casino games, bringing with them the setup and staff to facilitate the event. Their trained casino dealers can deal Blackjack, Poker, Texas Holdem and more on their unique gaming tables that seat nine players.

Those interested in learning more about the new mobile escape rooms or casino parties, visit or call 866-502-6638 to schedule an event.

About DADs Casino Party & Mobile Escape Rooms

DADs Casino Party & Mobile Escape Rooms offers casino nights and brand new themed and customized mobile escape rooms for clients in California, Oklahoma and New York. For more information, visit

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