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Start a Casino Party company with DADs Poker Night Casino Parties

Started in 2004

Last year alone we booked 655 Events over 200 events went to one franchisee. Join A team that works

Start you own casino party company or join ours. Be your own boss, Hire dealers, bartenders & servers for events. Have fun while making an event special. DADs Poker Night Casino Parties has an opportunity for highly motivated individuals who want to invest in a business of their own. Want to be your own boss??

Join one of the fastest growing business in the entertainment industry. We can provide you with a turnkey business package that includes everything you need to start and run your own Casino Party Company in your city. This is a franchise of DADs Poker Night Casino Parties or start your own casino party service using this equipment

Do you want to start a home business but want to use the DADs Poker Night Website and name? No Worries, we have been in Business for over 12 years and are booked 2 to 9 months in advance. We can help you start a DADs Poker Night franchise, just because you are buying our equipment.

Call center included with a sales staff from 9AM -5PM making sales for your franchise 7 days a week. We advertise in your area and for each sale we book for you we receive 20-25 percent. You Receive the 80-75 percent from the client after set up. Perfect for anyone with a day job and is worried about sales. Facebook, Twitter, Domain names & Local Phone number included. , Google, yahoo, Bing free listing included Please call for more details.

Our business package includes:

2017 Carson 5ft * 10ft cargo trailer to transport and store all tables and equipment. All white or DADs Poker Night Decals and wrap. 6X10 EL6X10 SINGLE AXLE ENCLOSED LIGHT, 3500LB AXLE, 14" TIRES, SINGLE CARGO DOOR, SMOOTH SKIN. ( 2 inch ball hitch needed for towing )

Five LED Gaming tables for 9-10 players each. (Used for Blackjack, Poker, & More) (Refurbished)

Two LED Roulette Tables with 19in roulette wheels (Refurbished)

One Craps Tables from American Gaming. 10ft craps tables (Refurbished)

5000 Chips, 10 cases with 150 $1's, 100 $5's, 100 $25's, 100 $100's, 25 $500's, 25 $1000's in each

50 Brand New Black Folding chairs

•Casino tables, equipment and accessories. Everything you need to host casino parties.

•High quality website and marketing materials.

•Sales and dealer Internet Website with lead supplied.

•Optional internet lead program & 7 day a week sales center @ 25% of sales goes to advertising cost and sales person commissions.

Social Networking set up for your area, Social networking plan and weekly updates included

Local Phone number and Google, Bing & Yahoo listings included & maintained

•Business and marketing plans and much more!

Turn Key Casino Operation from DADs Poker Night Casino Parties. $15000 for everything listed. One Year and 2 Months of using the DADs Poker Night Name, Website, call center, advertising, social networking updates & dealer lead system.

Start now and make your casino party company for this December 2017. Do you have a casino party company and want these new LED tables?

We created these tables, they are not sold anywhere else. OR


Locations set up for turn key operation in any lawful State / County / City, All 50 states according to state & local laws.

Tired of the rat race and corporate downsizing? Want to work in a fast paced, fun and profitable business environment? Why not open your own casino party entertainment and rental company? Work from home and build your casino party business at your own pace, either full or part time. Casino theme parties are wildly popular and demand is growing! We want you to succeed and set this proven business plan up for any type of investor.

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