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Who    Killed


2021 Best Digital Game award

Online Point and Click Escape Room Game

Ages  12 to Adult  

  • Computer and mouse needed

  • up to Ten Players 

  • up to Ten Devices 

  • Difficulty Medium - Hard

  • Video Chat for each player

  • Custom Hint System

  • up to 48 hours to solve from purchase

  • Level Medium to Hard 

 This is a game of who done it! You have 48 hours to hold the suspects while you investigate the evidence and solve the case.

Does your team have what it takes?

Only $29.95

Who Killed Bugsy?
Online Escape room


Only $30.00 per game

Email and or share the instant link you receive in your email with up to 

10 players.

Thanks for your order!


"This is one of our favorite digital games translated from a physical escape room. The puzzles worked really well with the interface. It's one of those games that I actually felt like worked better as an online game (although I'm sure the set design would be amazing to see in person). The company now has a fully digitized game with build-in hint system and no game mastering. Regardless of which option you decide to go with, if you're a fan of murder mystery and love detective type of games, you'll definitely want to crack this case!"


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