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Trip to Terra 8

Earth has been spoiled from years of human waste and space debris. We had to travel to Terra8 to start over and learn from our mistakes.

 A radiation mutation forces you to make quick choices to survive.

Will you make it to Terra8,  save your crew and complete your mission?  

Instant Collaborative Team game.

Use any video call platform you prefer to collaborate with your team.

Everyone uses the same link to sign into the game.

Each game link lasts 48 hours and saves your place if you need to come back to it later..


Online Point and Click Escape Room Game

Ages  12 to Adult  

  • Computer and mouse needed

  • Duration 60-90 Minutes

  • up to Six Players 

  • up to Six Devices 

  • Difficulty Medium - Hard

  • Video Chat for each player

  • Custom Hint System

  • up to 48 hours to solve from purchase

  • Level Medium to Hard 

 You have 72 hours from purchase to start your game

Once you begin you have 48 to complete mission .  

Check you Spam if you don't receive a code instantly 

Only $4.95

Try the first Level of Space Lock Free from your computer 

Space Lock 
Trip to Terra 8


Only $4.95 per game

Email and or share the instant link you receive in your email with up to 

6 players.

Thanks for your order!

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