Seven Casino Games &  Dealers

  • Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker or pit games

  • Seven Deluxe Casino Games

  • Seven Professional dealers

  • 4 hours of entertainment with the dealers

  • FREE Delivery & Set up included*

  • up to 70 chairs

  • FREE Online extras

  • Ideal for party of 65 - 145 guests

62-68 Players at once with our Seven tables

          Double cost for Major Holidays 

Craps table for hire in califorina
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Blackjack / Pit games

One Dealer

6-7 Players
6-7 Chairs included

 4 hours of entertainment 



One Dealer

10-12 Players

4 hours of entertainment

Our Dealers can deal or train players on how to play. 


Blackjack / Poker

One Dealer

9-10 Players
10 Chairs included

Our Dealers can deal multiple card games during the

4 hours of entertainment 



One Dealer

8-10 Players
10 Chairs included

4 Hours of entertainment 

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Seven Deluxe Card Tables & Dealers
Deposit $595.00


Five Deluxe Card Tables & Dealers
One Craps Table & Dealer
One Roulette Table & Dealer
Deposit $595.00

Six Deluxe Card Tables  & Dealers
One Craps Table & Dealer
Deposit $595.00

Six Deluxe Card Tables & Dealers
One Roulette table & Dealer
Deposit $595.00

Four Deluxe Card Tables
Two Craps Tables
One Roulette with
Eight Dealers 

Deposit $595.00

Updated March 2022

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