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Implement the latest practices for best rendering quality, like Screen Door and Screen Door 2.0. (video: 0:53 min.)New Features in AutoCAD Architecture and 3D ModelingIn the AutoCAD Architecture package, you can now enter a section sequence. You can do this on any floor plan, such as an existing site plan, by entering the order in which the sections should be drawn. (video: 2:15 min.)Improvements to User InterfaceThe ribbon display becomes wider and more readable in the workspace.New shortcut menus simplify task selection.Vertical toolbar menu icons now appear when users press and hold the ALT key on the keyboard.New shortcut keys help you get to frequently used commands quickly.The ribbon display and document tabs now display when you print.To learn more about what’s new in AutoCAD Architecture 2023, watch the release video.Save the changes you make to AutoCAD drawings before closing them. Now you can have three different drawing sessions open at the same time. To keep files in sync, Save Drafts Before Closing the Drawing. With this feature, you can use a single drawing session to make multiple changes to several drawings.New Feature in Visual StylesSee the style that looks best on your document. Now you can use the Appearance tab of the Visual Styles dialog box to select a style for your drawing. Change the styles used by your drawings as often as you like.Improvements to Attributes, Revisions, and the Drawing DatabaseUse the Revisions tab of the Drawing Database to view your revision history.The Drawing Database now shows attributes applied to a drawing.The attribute types for the drawing properties now display in a column of their own.You can now create custom properties that can be applied to drawings in a drawing set.Better SearchingShowing you the results in the context of the original document saves time and lets you find the right information faster. Now you can search using keywords, words in the description, and words that contain text.You can now search and find drawings in the Drawing Database based on a specific category.PDF DisplayGenerate PDFs that are true representations of your drawings. Add annotation, text, and layers as you prepare your drawings for printing or online viewing.The PDF Export dialog box now displays 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Win/Mac] [Updated]

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