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.  . A: DownloaderScript does this: It does not require any PHP. Essentially, it is downloading torrents that you specify by URL, and notifies you when completed. NRA to APA: We don't need your help Robert Allbritton, an APA lobbyist who also represents two major manufacturers of firearms and ammunition, sent a letter to the NRA last month urging it to keep its peace. "We know how you operate," the letter says. "We see the way you work. We've been there." I'm not sure how Allbritton might have "been there," but the point is clear: the NRA doesn't need the help of the APA -- the professional organization of people who work in the mental health field, including psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors -- when it's facing a bevy of lawsuits and legislative attacks around the country. And that's exactly what the organization has to deal with. The Washington Post reported late last month that a group of gun control organizations has launched a series of lawsuits against the NRA. Among the suits are two in Connecticut. The NRA has always been one of the most influential lobby groups in the country, and for good reason. It has a huge membership -- more than 5 million -- and it's been able to bring tens of millions of dollars into politics through its lobbying arm, the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. It's not surprising that the NRA would be worried about the impact of such a major series of suits. But what Allbritton and the other APA members would like to see is that the NRA leave the mental health field to the APA -- which, for the first time in its history, will have a separate APA division for people who work in the mental health field. "As the leading advocate for consumers, the NRA has a duty to defend mental health professionals against spurious accusations from a small fringe group of mental health professionals," Allbritton wrote in his letter. "This group can't be allowed to undermine the good-faith relationship between consumers and mental health professionals with baseless claims." I agree with Allbritton. But here's the thing: the NRA does have a duty to defend mental health professionals against such unfounded accusations. When a doctor kills a patient, it's murder. When a teacher shoots a student, it's murder.