Robbery At The Casino LIVE | Break In Game | Be the Mastermind
  • Robbery At The Casino LIVE

    20 Minute Game $20.00


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    60 Minute Game $50.00


    Everything in an escape room, but your at HOME!!!. Do you Love escape games and want to play a LIVE Action version from your Computer or Phone?


    You and your group using only your voices will instruct a agent what to do, where to look and what to try. You only have a certain amount of time to break In to the safe. Play from the safety of your hideout (home). You are the mastermind and set up the perfect robbery.  If you and your group can solve everything in time you win.


    • Timed Break In Game
    • up to 6 players
    • Up to 3 Phones or Computers
    • Automaton will only respond to single tasks at a time.
    • One Hint in the first 10 Minute game.
    • Winners get posted online and entered in a Drawing for a Free 30 Minute Live Escape Game


    Custom-made Robbery at the Casino Party TM has automatic puzzles, Bluetooth puzzles, RFID devices, custom locks and amazing keys. The visual  clues will lead you on your mission to Rob the Casino.


    We understand that all events are different, and we can customize you game to the age group of the guests at the event. Book now or call 951-479-3917 to talk to a planner about this theme.


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