Roulette Table & Dealer   Deposit
  • Roulette Table & Dealer Deposit

    Starting Price   $395.00   Deposit  less than 20%


    LED Lights         Add $50.00

    Stairs               Add $25 per Flight

    • One Deluxe Roulette table 
    • One casino party dealer
    • 4 hours of entertainment with the dealer 
    • 8-10 players at once 
    • Chips and markers
    • up to 10 chairs
    • Flappers Comedy Club tickets
    • Funny Money Creator on-line
    • Ideal for party of 5-15 guests
    • FREE DELIVERY included*



      Deposits are non-refundable

      Cancelation fee applies $50.00 per table. If you downgrage your event from your original order you will receive a $50 cancelation fee per service. This will come directly out of your deposit. These fees are non-refundable and will not go towards and future services.  

    • Casino table colors may vary w/ normal wear & tear

      We make a great effort every week to patch and fix each casino table if damaged from normal wear and tear. We buy new casino tables every three months to replace the damage tables so you will always have good table for your event. Color of table Legs and Felt may vary from the photos. 

    • This Package Includes

      *Free Delivery is included to all events that fall under these guidelines 

      • We include FREE delivery to events that allow the delivery driver to pick the delivery time and pick up time.

      • We can deliver anytime 30 mins before the dealers start time.

      • We must be able to pickup the event that night or the next morning.

      • Games must be setup within 75ft from unloading and loading areas

      Paid Delivery applies to all events that fall under these guidelines​

      • Scheduled delivery times. Early delivery cost more if requested. 
      • Setup is over 75ft from unloading and loading areas

      • Delivery has to check in with security 

      • Most Event venues fall under paid delivery. 

      • Additional Set up fees apply to each flight of stairs, elevators or event / Hotel venue set up.

      INSURED - We can provide our certificate of insurance upon request. If you need to add your venues name on our insurance. We can do this for a small fee of $40

      FREE CASINO RAFFLE TICKETS & PRIZE GIVEWAY - Included in your package is plenty of raffle tickets which can be used to give away door prizes at the end of the party.

      FREE COMEDY CLUB TICKETS - Included in your package is a link to FREE Comedy tickets which can be used to give away at the door or at the end of the party.

      FREE CUSTOM CASINO FUNNY MONEY MAKER - Build your own custom casino party funny money for your event. All DAD's Casino Party, Poker Night & Escape room clients can print as much funny money as they would like for their party.

      FREE ONLINE PARTY EXTRAS - We have comprehensive gaming guides, rules, outlines and Blackjack & Poker cheat sheets available for FREE TO ALL DAD's Casino Party, Poker Night & escape room clients.

      GAME LESSONS & DEALERS - Our casino trained dealers will gladly teach any guests who may not be familiar with the rules of the games. They can help with strategy, odds, and payouts for all of the different games. Our dealer wear Black and Whites with a bow tie.

      CHAIRS & ARM CUSHIONS WITH CUP HOLDERS - Padded arm cushions with built-in cup holders around the edges of the gaming tables give extra comfort and style. We also include chairs with all our Deluxe casino night game tables

      FREE TABLE SKIRTING - We will cover all Craps and Roulette table legs with skirting by request. This gives the tables and the room a classy feel and appearance.

      EVENT CONSULTATION - We are available to answer any questions, help with table sizes, delivery times and services wanted for the party or event. We will develop ideas and assist you with your event!


      BEAT ANY QUOTE by $20 - Is someone quoting you the same price for the same thing we are offering? We will beat any written quote by $20

      Restrictions - If you book your event and we are sold out. We will refund your deposit and cancel the transaction. It could take up to 10 days to see your funds returned to your account. All accepted deposits are not refundable.


      *Delivery & Service is based off a first come first serve basis. Extra charges will apply if delivery encounters Stairs or must carry equipment over 50ft from unloading or loading area.

    • Protect your wood floors during your event

      We have folding rental chairs with metal legs. Our chairs legs have protecters but please be aware.  During the event your guests or staff may scratch your floors. Very, Very, Very rarly but it has happened.   We are not responsible for anyone at your event damaging your floor with our equipment, Chairs or Tables legs. This is your event and you need to Protect the areas in your house that might be scratched or damaged. Expensive wood floors need a cover, rug or blankets. We do not get to choose where we set up the tables. It is the clients responsibility to protect any areas that might be affected. We are not responsible for your guest not using the chairs correctly and causing damage in your house.

    • Covid-19 Restrictions

      MINIMUM AREA NEEDED FOR Quote IS 100sq ft per game, BAR needed for bartenders.  Delivery and pick up is at the discretion of the delivery drivers. The venue needs to be available for drop off and pick up anytime 2-6 hours before and after the event. $25.00 delivery fee will be added per table for special or specific delivery times. Delivery will call you at least 5 days before the event to confirm your 2-hour delivery window and pick times. Delivery set up & Break down included up to 65 miles to location. Additional Set up fees apply to each flight of stairs, elevators or event / Hotel venue set up. Casino entertainment must be setup within 75ft from unloading and loading areas or additional fees will apply. DEPOSIT is non-refundable for event date listed. Client authorizes DAD’s Casino Night to charge credit card above for deposit and balance listed. $50 Cancellation fee per game if removed from contract. There is no gambling at any time for entertainment only.  DAD’s Casino Night guarantees estimation for services listed above. Additional costs will apply if client damages equipment or requests more service time and Parking fees for dealers. Please send signed copy. Client Agrees to pay the Balance in full by or on Event date or a 25% collection fee will be added. See covid-19 Restrictions directly from the state of California These restrictions change and currently as of 10-02-2020 all events must be outdoor at a 10-20 percent capacity. Example. Currently One table and One dealer can host one player at 10 percent under restrictions today.  All dealers and players wear masks and take precautions in place to limit exposer.  Client agrees to comply with all state and local restrictions.  Client will not intimidate, bribe, or pressure dealers to relax covid-19 restrictions during event or client agrees to continue the event without the dealer service. No discount will apply to contract if dealers are forced to leave because of intimidation to relax Covid-19 restrictions. Client agrees to all terms of this contract and stated online. Client assumes all risk booking an event during the pandemic and understands all deposits are NON-refundable. Cancelation fee will be waived, and deposit can be transferred to a new date if cancelled by state or local restrictions. All other cancelations fees will apply if client cancels event that were booked after April of 2020.  

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