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Haunted Casino Night Game

  • Haunted Casino Night Party :     20 min - 60 min     Easy, Medium and Advanced 

You're a new group of Casino Players at our casino. Rumor has it that the casino owner collects haunted  & super natural items. He just acquired an item with so much evil that it making everyone lose. You must help the casino owner release the trapped spirits and help put them rest.    

  • Haunted Casino Game includes 

  • 10*10 ft Area needed

  • 10*10 ft Tent 

  • Game Attendant

  • 4 hours of Entertainment 

  • 20 minutes to 60 minutes per game. 

  • Delivery , Set up and Break down

  • Prizes and more

Moonlit Fortress
Scream of horror escape room. Haunted Casino Ghost