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Do you or does someone you know have an upcoming fundraising event?

We can Help
Know your local and state laws!


Do you need a Licence? 

YES, In California you need a licence from the DOJ .  

How does a Casino fundraiser or Poker tournament fundraiser work?


A Casino Fundraiser Or Poker tournament is a very popular way for non-profit organizations to raise money. Non-profit organizations especially enjoy a casino night or poker night for fundraising because their guests are effortlessly entertained while donating funds. Our casino night fundraisers have the look and feel of a real casino!

Every successful casino fundraiser has one thing in common - a good turnout. If people show up, they will spend money and your profits will follow. Allow us to help you promote your fundraiser with new ideas, free online advertising, and our group of local players looking to help out your cause.

Step By Step Fundraising Guide Outline

  • Factor how much money you need to raise and how much will this type of party cost. Add all expenses and divide by your number of guests you expect. This number will give you the number of tickets you need to sell to reach your goal. $5000 / 100 guests = $50 per ticket

  • Pick a venue & times

  • Get your licence from the DOJ state of California

  • MUST DO!! Sell pre-sale tickets to prospective Players

  • Get table sponsorship to donate for ad space on the gaming tables

  • Obtain prize donations from local businesses, local retail business, real casinos, hotels, movie theater and more

  • Plan on having door prizes, auctions, drawings & more to create more revenue during your event.

  • Poker Tournaments are great way to create revenue during your non-profit event with Re-buys & Add-ons.

  • Advertise your event for free in local businesses online, Start by submitting your info to our thousands of DADs Poker Night Casino Party fans and followers below FREE.

  • Use free internet tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and other social networks to help you sell to locals.

  • Accept different methods of payments such as Paypal, Google Checkout & Credit Cards at your event to raise more.

  • Call us anytime to talk about your needs and see how we can help you. Our direct line is 951-479-3917


For more tips and information about how to get your licence from the state of California click here

 Casino Fundraisers & Poker tournaments State of California .


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